The PTE tip-off – 5 suggestions to sail through the PTE- By: Lalit Sharma

Description : Indian students look lively! There is a new test in town to usher away your anxiety!

It is often the case that nonnative speakers face more difficulty because of nervousness rather than the lack of linguistic knowledge. It is important to stay calm during an exam, not because the PTE tests your composure, but your composure will yield a firm foundation for you to build your concentration. There is no suggestion more important than this – Concentrate!

It isn’t hard to remain calm once you know that the PTE test of English is the best-rounded test. Therefore achieving the required score in each band should not create much of a hassle. From numerous student surveys it is clear that IELTS offers some easy sections and compensates for these with rigorous examination of the others. Though this may give you the required overall score, the break up will leave you utterly disappointed. It is very discouraging to reach the set target and yet fail because of varying levels of difficulty. However with PTE test, you will face no such discrimination. The difficulty level of every section (i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking) is even. Actually the simplicity level of each section is uniform. Yes, the PTE is that easy!

Here are some useful tips to crack the PTE Academic Test in India:

Do not get tensed on seeing the PTE study guide. It is natural to get nervous when asked to work through a book with numerous questions of varying patterns. However, students who take once chapter, one page, one question at a time are the ones who ace this test.
PTE tests students for two skills at a time such as listening and reading or reading and speaking. This is more reason to rejoice than panic.
Understanding the pattern is of utmost importance. PTE is an English test which uses various types of questions to test students. This makes the test more enthralling and easy to answer. However you don’t want to sit for an exam without familiarizing yourself with the pattern of the examination. You can inquire about the experiences of former candidates to get first-hand information.
Always adhere to the word limit! Do not be too concise or wordy with your written answers.
PTE is a computer based exam. Therefore your speaking section will be recorded and assessed by a machine. Do not forget to speak clearly. Do not speak too slowly as the machine will stop recording after few seconds of silence.
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