Testosterone Therapy Improves Libido But Not Vitality In Older Men- By: Fran Stecker

Description : Health officials said Monday that they are investigating the case of a person in Utah who has contracted Zika virus through unknown means, one of the more mysterious cases of transmission yet involving the virus. Advocates for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights say state legislators demonized them with bogus claims about bathroom risks. Supporters say the new law protects all people from having to share bathrooms with people who make them feel unsafe. The lesson for care providers is that men are willing and able to take a daily pill, so it is important to talk to those who could benefit and increase prescription rates, study leader Jeffrey Parsons, a professor of psychology at Hunter College, City University of New York, told Reuters Health by email.

The individual, who has not been identified, helped care for a Utah man who died earlier this month and who was reported to have had exceptionally high levels of the Zika virus in his system at the end of his life. The men in the study had come to a sexual health clinic because of problems they were having after removal of a cancerous prostate gland. Researchers who quizzed them about the sexual function information they had received preoperatively found that the men had "largely unrealistic expectations" about their sexual health after the surgery, like whether they'd be able to achieve erections.

"In the same way that circumcision came out as something that really changed the way people approached HIV transmission, this could really be the next big thing in controlling HIV transmission," Comparet said. Sexual arousal was reported by the participants, so it could have actually been higher or lower than they said. People are not always honest or even self-aware when sharing intimate details with researchers. Men with prostate cancer have several treatment options, which include active surveillance, radiation and removing the gland altogether.

All have potential side effects, according to senior study author Dr. John P. Mullhall and colleagues at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. (Reuters Health) - Men with psoriasis may be more prone to erectile dysfunction than their peers without this skin disease, and their odds of sexual difficulties are even higher if they are depressed or have other health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure, a Chinese study suggests.

The researchers emphasized that the findings pertain only to use of testosterone gel by men 65 and older with low hormone levels and related symptoms; whether similar benefits would occur in younger men or with testosterone pills, patches or shots is unknown. As all studies do, this one had its limitations. Each experiment only studied around 130 people, and they were mostly young students; the effect of being turned on may vary more in a more diverse group, particularly among people of different ages.

Congress is now debating the funding level for STD prevention grants in the fiscal year beginning October 1, and the prospects for an increase are not good, Smith said. Syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia are all covered in one block of money sent to states and cities through the CDC, and that line item has remained flat, at around $157 million, for the last several years. In a letter to members of the Senate, Smith wrote that funding for STD prevention had dropped by $21 million since 2003, which he said represented a 40 percent loss in purchasing power for prevention programs.

The treatment for schistosomiasis is cheap - the drug has been donated for years to the World Health Organization (WHO), so this could be a relatively easy way to help cut the spread of HIV, experts said. The report also warned of a "clear risk of harm" if trans people are held in prisons according to their birth genders, citing the case of two transgender women who died in 2015 while serving time in male jails, and another who spent a week in a men's prison before being moved. The position of transgender prisoners must be "urgently" clarified in new guidelines being drawn up, the committee said.

FILE - In this Feb. 11, 2016, file photo California assistant basketball coach Yann Hufnagel, left, is seen on the bench with players Kameron Rooks, center, and Ivan Rabb (1) during an NCAA college basketball game against Oregon in Berkeley, Calif. The team's head coach is moving to fire Hufnagel who violated the school's sexual harassment policy. It comes as the university has faced criticism for its handling of substantiated sexual harassment allegations involving an astronomy professor and the dean of Berkeley's law school.

The athletic department said in a statement Monday that Hufnagel has been suspended pending termination proceedings. He won't be traveling with the team during the upcoming NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. (AP Photo/Ben Margot, File) The guidelines are for men and women who haven't had any symptoms of the virus, but may have potentially been exposed. However, in instances where the male partner has exhibited Zika symptoms, the WHO recommends that the couple either abstain from sex, or practice safe sex, for six months.

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