T1 Internet Service - A Most Reliable and Fastest Internet Connection- By: Avereen Gen

Description : This article helps you to explore the utility of T1 internet connection service for the businesses that require stable and reliable service. T1 internet connection has a service level agreement (SLA), so it has an average uptime more than that of cable or DSL connection. The upload and download speed of T1 internet service is constant. This essential information is required where limited downtime is allowed and the whole productivity depends on the consistent quality of the internet connection. Basically, T1 provides quality of service (QoS) for voice traffic.

Many small companies use low cost internet connections like cable, fios, DSL. And to keep the cost down, they use sharing techniques to connect all the users to internet server. Moreover, Reliability is not confirmed even after making the best effort to retain the connectivity. The T1 line offers the highest speed internet connection at a rate of 1.544 Mbps which is much higher than the speed provided by other connections. Generally when T1 line fails to connect then it gets repaired within few hours whereas if cable, DSL or fios fails to connect then user might have to experienced 4-5 days to get it repaired.

In some companies where high reliability and consistency is required like telecommunication and IT companies, they use T1 internet service in order to get higher end-services. As the company grows in their business, the importance of internet is also gradually increases which require the high level of availability. Often when we use voice and shared data services using cloud computing then also high speed internet connection is required as the usage will also high. T1 internet line contains 24 different channels where each channel is able to transfer data at speed 64Kbps. The data transfer is done within few seconds and also is absolutely uninterrupted. Around more than 20 employees can work by getting internet connection from the same T1 internet line.

T1 internet service offers “guarantee” of availability and reliability. Stable internet connection is very essential in companies for the growth of their business but if they don’t understand this and their internet connection fails to connect time to time then it may be dangerous for their business growth. As the market changes time to time even within minutes, so your attention and knowledge should be up-to-date. Most of the national, international businesses work on the computers by using internet, so their daily business operations depend on the internet so the loss of internet connection even for few hours can be dangerous for them and they need to take more reliable internet service.

As the usability increases the prices of T1 internet connection goes on decreasing. It does not cost you more than your present internet connection as it has no hidden cost. And also it provides more bandwidth then the other internet connections are providing. The overall costs you almost same in both the connections. Even it provides you the enough speed that the music or movies lovers can download many movies in a very short time period without any internet problem.

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