How to Launch Accounting Career in Australia?- By: Lalit Sharma

Description : Accounting is one of the most regarded careers in the business world today. Accountants are responsible for keeping records of transactions and take measures to bring financial stability and profitability of organizations. A qualified accountant can see impending problems and take necessary measures to prevent those problems. Hence, skilled accountants are essential for organizations seeking profitability and avoid bankruptcy due to wrong business policies.

Reasons to Join in Professional Year Program

Australia is facing shortages of skilled professionals in many sectors. But, engineering, accounting, and IT fields are the worst affected and it is hampering economic activities for related businesses. Professional bodies of universities have created Professional Year in Australia with the approval of Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to resolve shortages in these fields. It is a meticulously designed market-readiness program for overseas graduates with an Australian degree (2-year minimum) in accounting, engineering, and IT fields. Training in this program reduces obstacles for fresh graduates in finding an employment after completion of studies in Australia. Thus, this program helps graduates to move from university to workplace gaining market relevant skills, work experience, and knowledge. Upon completion, graduates earn 5 migration points to inch toward permanent residency.

Launch Accounting Career in Australia

As stated above, accountants are really important for organizations to handle business deals and bring profits. Unfortunately, Australia is facing a shortage of qualified accountants in comparison to demands in the market. This is seriously affecting organizations in business dealings and shrinking profits.

To supply skilled accountants, accounting graduates are being trained with industry integrated programs to be eligible for the Australian workforce. The Professional Year in Accounting is a program designed collaboratively by CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accounts Australia, and Institute of Public Accountants. This program was formally called Skilled Migration Internship Program – Accounting (SMIPA) and ideal for accounting graduates to launch their career in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria

To join in Professional Year in Accounting Program, applicants need:

A degree in the accounting field with a minimum 2-year duration from an Australian university
Applied for a temporary resident visa (485 subclass) for skilled migration
Need a minimum IELTS 6.0 or equivalent proficiency test scores
A skill assessment letter from an accounting professional body
Training Program and Duration

This is a 44-week program for accounting graduates to gain practical skills and be ready for Australian workplace. It includes a 32-week coursework training to develop theoretical knowledge and a 12-week internal placement to get workplace experience working on live projects with a host company.

Benefits of Joining Professional Year in Accounting Program

Accounting graduates joining in Professional Year Program enjoy the following benefits:

Industry relevant work experience, skills, and knowledge
Gain practical knowledge in accounting in internal placement
Learn teamwork, work culture, and official communication
Develop personality, interview facing skills, and handling customers
Know employment market and networking with peers
Increased employment opportunities and gain 5 migration points for permanent residency
Importance of Education Consultants

Australian universities offer courses in diverse fields with globally recognized curriculums and well supported by qualified faculties for advanced training. This is why Australian graduates enjoy more job opportunities globally due to their skills and knowledge.

Before selecting a career path, overseas students should know about universities, the employment market, and job opportunities. Indian education consultants have knowledge about illustrious career paths with higher demands of professionals in Australia. Contact us to get a career guidance useful to start a bright career quickly.

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