How To Donate My Junk Truck- By: Lee Rodriguez

Description : O.K., so, we both know how tired you are of looking at that old junk car in your driveway. You bought it 3 years ago hoping that you would fix it up but for one reason or another, just never got around to it. Now, it's simply become an eyesore! Well, you are not alone. As a mater of fact, many Americans are in this same position. There are hundreds of thousands of Americans in the U.S. today that have a junk car that they would love to get rid of an for good reason. It doesn't look good sitting in the driveway and it serves no purpose. However, thinking that their junk truck isn't worth anything to anyone, many Americans just leave it there and hope they will fix it one day.

If you are tired of waiting, if you want to get rid of your junk van but don't know how and if you think that no one could benefit from your junk vehicle, I've got some news for you! As a matter of fact, your junk truck can provide much needed savings to many charities nationwide. I know what you may be thinking "How can my junk van help anyone?". Well, there are truck donation companies out there that are willing to come pick up your automobile donation, scrap the metal from the van, sell the working parts and donate the proceeds to charity! On top of all of that, you get a tax write off for the amount of these proceeds. All you have to do to set this process in action is to donate your automobile! Here are the tips to donate your van:

Step 1: Get Prepared: The first thing that you will need to do to donate your junk automobile is get prepared. If consumers are interested in donating their cars, they should find the title, place it in an unmarked envelope and place it under the passenger seat! Once this is done, your van has been prepared for donation!

Step 2: Fill Out The Form: Go to and look to the right. You will find a form on the website that is there to allow you to easily donate your van! Simply fill out this form and be sure to include the charity that you would like for your vehicle donations proceeds to go to. Please remember to fill out everything as well.

Step 3: Sit Back And Relax: You've done your part, the rest is up to Cars Helping Charities. While you sit and relax, they will come pick up your car donation and get started on scrapping. Once the process has been completed, you will receive a donation receipt that you will be able to use to claim the donation on your taxes!

It really is that simple! Donating a car is so simple that I am surprised that consumers don't do it more often. I hope that if you have a junk van that you want to get rid of, this article has been your inspiration to donate it to charity!

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