How Employers Hire Overseas Skilled Workers in Australia?- By: Lalit Sharma

Description : Australia has a limited workforce which isn’t enough to perform all economic activities. But, skilled professionals are required to perform the works effectively. To resolve the deepening skills shortage, several initiatives have been started by the Australian government. The professional bodies of universities started programs to train the overseas students and impart professional skills to increase their employment in Australia.

Skilled migration is a common route used by the employers to hire overseas workers in Australia. The employers use the skilled migration process when they can’t find an appropriately skilled labour in the Australian market. The subclass 457 visa program is used by the employers to address the skill shortage in Australia.

Temporary Skilled Visa (Subclass 457)

The Temporary skilled visa (457 subclass) is issued to the skilled workers to work in Australia up to 4 years on a temporary basis with the sponsored employer. But, the program allows employers to hire workers only in some of the skilled occupations of the country.

There are two ways by which the employers hire overseas workers in Australia:

1. Standard Business Sponsorship: It is the common route to sponsor a 457 applicant and hire as a worker in the nominated position. The approved standard business can nominate the occupation to the department to be filled through the 457 program. To be an approved business, it is essential that the business is operating lawfully in Australia for the past 12 months.

2. Labour Agreement: It is a formal agreement between the employers and Australian government that allows the recruitments of overseas workers in some circumstances. The labour agreement is used for those businesses who can’t fulfill workers under the business standard sponsorship, for instance, meat processing industry.

Processing Stages for 457 Visa

Processing of temporary skilled visa isn’t easy. Hire the best 457 agents to help in the processing the visa quickly. Here are three stages which are required in processing the subclass 457 visa program:

1. Sponsorship: The employer applies for approval to the department to act as a standard business sponsor. It is essential to nominate an occupation under the subclass 457 visa to the department first to be fulfilled quickly.

2. Nomination: In this process, the employer nominates an occupation to get a prospective or an existing subclass 457 visa holder.

3. Visa Application: In this stage, the nominated person selected to work in the nominated occupation need to apply for 457 visa. And it is the final stage for getting the subclass 457 visa for the overseas workers.

Visa Consultant in Melbourne

Overseas students need a valid visa to stay based on the selected course. The visa process is complex and the help of consultant is essential. Hire a registered migration consultant to help in making the process smooth according to Australian migration laws. The best visa consultant in Melbourne possess the skills and experience in solving the complex cases of migration. The consultants offer advice and services under the migration laws to the overseas students.

Increase Migration Points for PR

Australia is a beautiful place to study, work and live. Australian enjoys economic prosperity, peaceful environment, quality education and higher living standards. After completion of studies, most students dream of living in Australia permanently. The applicants require 60 migration points to be eligible applying for permanent residency in Australia. To know how to increase points for PR migration experts are essential. Hire our migration experts to get advice on increasing migration points for permanent residency.

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