Five things to look for when hiring a food marketing company- By: anish thakur

Description : Online marketing industry has grown so big that they are several sub segments into it now. A few ago, there used to be one online marketing company offering services to all business type. There was only thing required and that was the fact the business in question should have an online presence. The story is completely different now. Every industry needs a different approach of marketing these days. What works the best for an online store cannot work with the same success for a brand that is engaged into business to business offering. This is the reason if you are a company into food industry, you must look for an agency that is specific to offering marketing services for food brands.

Let’s now discuss the points that you should take care while finding a food branding or food marketing services company.

The first thing would be to ask for past work. Ask them for the work they have done in the past specific to food brands. It would be even better if you ask them for case studies. What were the challenges and how they addressed? What strategies worked and to what intensity? In short, ask them for a before and after kind of the case studies. It will allow you to know their capabilities in a better way. You would be above to understand them competencies better and hence would help you make your decision on hiring them or not.

The next thing consider would be their experience with industry. Who are their past clients and how many years they been into the industry specific to food industry? The answers to this question will allow you know them better. You will be able to know about their expertise and experience in a better way. Most importantly, do not take 100% of their words. Do some analysis on your own as well to verify the facts they mention?

The third important aspect would be to consider the marketing channels they have been working with. You would agree that the world of marketing is huge. Specifically, in online marketing, there many channels of promotion viz. search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, media buying, social media marketing, inbound or content marketing strategies etc. Ask them for their exposures on all these channels. And better hire an agency which has got exposure to them all, because today’s online marketing needs comprehensive approach. It’s not advisable to hire one company for one channel the other for others. It will make things difficult for you.

The forth important thing would be to consider their experience with offline marketing. Have you ever done a workshop in front of mall? Ask similar questions and note their answers. A company that is specific to food branding should have their expertise in every channel of marketing required for food brands. There are companies which take care of things like food and beverage packaging design as well. They all related.

Finally, take their prices and payment methods. Do some research yourself. Ask quotes from different companies and then analyse them to make a final decision. Also, make sure to ask for the contract or NDA guidelines they have.

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In this article the author talks about some of the important aspects one should consider before hiring a company for food branding for food marketing services.