Discover the Great Benefits of a Professional Year Program in Australia- By: Lalit Sharma

Description : Finally, you have completed your study in Australia and gained the knowledge & technical skills you need for a career as a result. But what’s next? The best thing that most international students have planned must be getting that job you have studied so hard for and ultimately permanent residency. The truth that you have studied in Australia does not guarantee of either a job or permanent residency. However, there is an option which can help you to boost your migration points and kick start your Australian career through professional year program.

What is a Professional Year Program?

A Professional Year Program is a structured professional development program combining formal learning and an Australian internship placement experience. The program is designed to assist international students with an additional pathway from university to employment within Australia to equip with professional skills needed for a successful career in Australian workforce. This is why foreign students looking for PR and job need to take professional year in Australia to gather necessary skills and earn point for permanent residency. It is a special chance for foreign students to give wings to their dream career.

Boost Up Your Migration Points with a Professional Year Program

Before starting with this point, it is important to mention that this is the program that only available for graduates of Accounting, Information Technology and Engineering fields. Besides the professional development benefits, you will be awarded 5 points under Point-based Skilled Migration upon successful completion of a professional year program. Most important, for Accounting graduates who find it challenging to score a 65 in each band of PTE Academic Test or equivalent to meet the requirements for migration skill assessment can take benefits from the Professional Year Program as an alternative.

Get Career Ready with a Professional Year Program

A degree may not be enough to make you ready for your professional career. However, Professional Year Program will enable you to overcome obstacles to employment by gaining the knowledge, skills and right work experience employers are looking for and helps you to achieve your career goals.

The Professional Year Program is scheduled for a minimum 44-weeks program including 32 weeks of in-class training following with 12 weeks of internship placement closely related to your study field. The 44-weeks program integrates class-based training in business culture, business communication, workplace expectations and career skills. It also includes a valuable 12 weeks work integrated learning placement in Accounting, IT or Engineering which provides valuable work experience and exposure to Australian work practices. Professional year in engineering is an ideal option for engineering students to land into a dream job in Australia. You will start applying your learning in an actual workplace setting and as a result, you will gain employee referencing on successful completion.

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