Buying Tips for Those Who Plan to Buy a Laptop- By: Terrisin Trumbull

Description : A Laptop is among the items that professionals need to own in order to work efficiently. Although quite expensive, career people are still saving to be able to buy one of average specification. Now, what is the difference between a Laptop and a Notebook? Most people are confused with the distinction between a Notebook and Laptop. To differentiate, a Notebook is quite smaller that is only larger than a binder or notebooks used at school. A laptop on the other hand is quite large and is considered the handiest computer gadget. It could accommodate a built-in disk drive.

If you are saving to buy one, what should be the ideal price and what are the factors you must consider sufficient for your needs? The major aspects you need to inspect closely are the following:

Laptop Memory

Storage Capacity

Display Size

Processor Speed

Battery Pack

Video Adapter

USB Ports

Optical Drives

Modem ( for Internet connection)

Typically, the memory holds all data and applications, thus the ability of the gadget to function. The more RAM your Laptop has the greater its ability to store data. Usually, the RAM of lowest price comes with a 256MB. Hard drive determines the storage capacity of the computer. It is known as the keeper of all programs and files you might want to store in your computer. If your hard drive goes below 60GB, then it is not sufficient for career or business people. Display size or the screen size of a Laptop usually ranges between 10.6 inches up to 20 inches. Depending on your usage, a CRT monitor will do best if you are using it for CAD works.

If you are intending to keep your Laptop for a long time, then be aware that the processor is the most difficult spec of the computer to upgrade. Seldom will you find a Laptop with upgradeable processor. When you decide to buy, make sure you are getting the processor that will satisfy your working needs. As for the battery pack, always prefer the Lithium ion battery because it lasts for about 3 working hours and charges as fast as 75 minutes.

Working individuals who needs to present graphics or images with full color need to prefer the video adapter of about 32 or 64 MB. Make sure however that your Laptop has USB port that is sufficient for the accessories that requires USB connection. The optical drives must be of the maximum functionality such as the Combo drives to allow readability and writing of both DVD and VCD disks. Lastly, the modem plays an important role considering the necessity of internet connection.

Go online when you want to look over the various Laptop products available and try to check, which among the brands you prefer. Visit as many online stores as possible to make your decision final and practical. As much as possible, do not compromise the quality and the specifications to avoid interruptions while you are working.

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