Benefits of Professional Year Program for International Students - By: Lalit Sharma

Description : According to a recent survey, Australia is the third most favored destination for higher studies just behind US and UK. Australia has become a hub for international students due to presence of world top ranked universities, friendly natives and ambient environment. Meager course and tuition fees are other factors that help the foreign students get quality education at a lesser expense.

International students get myriad of courses to pursue in different disciplines. The advanced curriculum, qualified faculties and modern equipments deliver students global standard knowledge and skills. The higher employment rate of overseas worker makes it a dream destination for the foreign students.

Professional Year Program in Australia for International Students

The skilled workforce of Australia is depleting and not enough to perform all economic activities. To maintain supply of skilled workforce in engineering, IT and accounting fields, the professional year program was started. The program was initiated by Department of Immigration and Border Protected and supported by Universities of Australia. The professional year in Australia is designed to offer professional expertise to the international students in each field. The international students who graduated from an Australian University with not less than two years degree course can apply for the program. It is a 44-week program, including the 32 weeks coursework and 12 weeks internship training, for the freshly graduated students.

In the coursework, training is given to develop communication skills, workplace ethics, making resume, cover letter and preparation for interviews. During the professional internship placement, the students work on live projects based on the chosen field of study. The industry networking events conducted to help the students to get a training related job quickly. Upon completion of professional year program, the students inch closer to permanent settlement in Australia earning 5 points.

Professional Year in Accounting

Accounting is not merely keeping record of transactions and giving out a financial report yearly. A qualified accounting can tell the financial health of an organization and recommend the business orders to ensure more profitability and financial stability. But, Australia lacks workforce of qualified and skilled accounts as required in the country.

To improve the career prospects of international students in accounting graduating from Australian Universities, the professional year in Accounting was initiated. Usually, it is called skilled migration internship program – Accounting (SMIPA) and the program was co-developed by CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, and the Institute of Public Accountants. The program helps to get theoretical knowledge and practical skills based on Australian standard which increases employability and earn 5 points for permanent residency.

Point Calculator for Permanent Residency

Australian enjoys a higher living standard, top health care services, ambient environment and economic prosperity. This is why Australia is an ideal destination for migrants seeking a better life. To settle in Australia permanently, the migrants need to collect 60 points acquiring skills for permanent residency.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection operates the point system for the international students. The factors on which the points are calculated are age, PTE or IELT score, skills, work experience, qualification, and so on. Contact our agency to know how to increase points for PR and get help to fulfill your Australian dream.

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