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Description : What is it that separates you from those that do really well at producing? Well if you work just as hard as them it would be the tools that are used. You maybe asking yourself "what tools?" Well that's is what seperates the children from the adults in Professional Marketing .So here you are a list of 7 things everyone needs to market their business.

7 Tools

You need a Blog like this one to put out great content and value so those who stop by see you as an Authority, not just someone looking to take people's money! WordPress is the best type of Blog! Hosting and Domains are inexpensive in comparison to the return you get in the form of leads to build their list and sales.

Capture Page, Optin Form, Funnel - Every Major Leader uses this to build their list, offer value, and gain the trust of prospects. We do not just sit around SPAMMING People. We offer them things they want/ need to relieve their problems.

CRM - Customer Relationship Manager It is a software platform that helps you manage the leads you have, the customers you have noting their interactions with you. No post it notes around the office, no more journal books all over with different messages in them. All your information in one place.

On Going Training / Coaching We must continue learning about our industry, it is always changing, growing, transforming. As my grandma says, " If you are not growing you are dying!" So for us to grow on the outside (in Business, sales, organization) we have to grow on the inside (Knowledge, understanding, wisdom)

Webinars Webinars are on of the fastest ways to set yourself up as an authority and show people that you are offering value. This also negates the need for a lot of traveling to different locations as you can do this from the comfort of your own home.

Ability to harness Lead Generation and Conversion - Getting interested prospects to your site is not the end result it is just the beginning of your journey! We must know how to harness, direct, and convert that lead into a customer by building value and relationship.

Sales that convert lookers and tire kickers into those that desire a product or service. They may not buy your main product or opportunity but they can buy a ebook, a course, or coaching from you that makes you even more profit instead of not getting a sale at all.

All high preforming MLM leaders, Network Marketers, Home Based Business Owners use these tools to create success. What about You?

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