3 Easy Tips To Prepare For PTE Academic Test - By: Lalit Sharma

Description : PTE which stands for Pearson Test of English, is a computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration purposes. Since 2009, it is quickly emerging as one of the most favourable medium among international students as well as prospective visa applicants to prove their English proficiency. But as with any test, preparation is the key to success. To achieve a very satisfactory results, there are many tips and resources available to help with PTE Preparation. Here are 3 easy tips that helps you to get yourself ready with the PTE exam.

Prepare with Free Online Materials

There is no better way to prepare yourself for an English test than from the test developer itself. Fortunately, Pearson offers range of free preparation materials to get ready for PTE Academic. These free materials are including test tutorial, tops tips on how to approach each question type, skills video and offline practice test. Take advantage with these free preparation material to have the full understanding of the PTE test. Free material available here.

Prepare with a Scored Practice Test

For the best PTE Academic preparation, it is always recommended to try out one of the online scored practise test to best understand your position before entering into the actual exam. It will not only will familiarise you with the test format, but also gives you an indication of your performance on the PTE exam through the practice test result. Similar with the actual test, you are required to sit for three hours’ computer based mock test, which also improves the time management skills for the test.

Prepare with a Preparation Courses

While a lot of people prefer individual learning style or self-study for the test, sometimes the best way to get yourself ready for the PTE exam is through professional coaching. The right PTE Coaching would focus exclusively on cracking the PTE exam and how to avoid the common pitfalls test takers make. Across Australia, there are many training centres offering PTE preparation courses, range from intensive week long courses to courses that last for couple months to cater to students’ study needs at different level.

Getting a permanent residency can be a very complex process. Due to the high competition in the Skilled Migration Programme especially for Accounting and ICT related occupations, sometimes achieving a desire scores in English Language test may not be enough to secure your future in Australia. However, if you graduate from Engineering, ICT or Accounting in Australia, you have option to boost up your PR eligibility through Professional Year Program. Participants who successfully completed a Professional Year in Engineering, ICT/Accounting will be awarded with 5 extra points under Skilled Migration Programme.

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In the present article, the author describes about tips on PTE Preparation including the importance of PTE Coaching to benefit PTE aspirants to achieve better test outcome.