Why Panic Attacks Need To Be Treated- By: Dah Galang

Description : It is human nature to avoid dealing with unpleasant health issues, such as anxiety and panic attacks.

If you develop a physical ailment, there is generally no second thoughts about seeing the doctor.

But there is often shame or embarrassment attached to an invisible psychological illness. Rather than learning how to stop panic attacks, we choose to suffer in private or lead a life of self denial.

But the hard fact is that there will be long-term consequences in dodging the issue.

If you have ever experienced a panic attack, it is pretty certain you would not want to have a repeat. But ironically, many choose to hope it never happens again, rather than choose treatment.

Panic Attacks might be a rare occurence to some, but for others it could be a repetitive plight which results in an entrenched panic disorder.

It does not mean you are going crazy, but it sure feels like you are. If you fail to take action, the result will be a vicious round of repeats.

Panic conditions can be treated, and if acted on early enough, you might benefit from some self-help advice or a course you can apply in the privacy of your home.

General anxiety and panic disorder has many triggers. Some attacks are even set off by the mere thought of having another unpleasant turn.

This is known as anticipatory anxiety. It is an entirely irrational fear, but feels very real to the sufferer.

The bottom line is that if panic attacks are left untreated, your enjoyment of life will be seriously reduced.

Whatever your trigger, there is a long list of life's pleasures which will be denied to you: driving a car; meeting new people and making friends; confidently expressing your own opinions; dancing and other social activities. The list is endless.

One of the saddest consequences of failing to take action to cure yourself, is withdrawal from society. It's comparable to someone pricking themselves on a rose thorn. They would in future avoid putting their fingers carelessly on a rose stem.

This avoidance mechanism is similar to that employed by sufferers of panic attacks. You would not want to be exposed in public when hit by another attack.

There is no certainty of such a thing happening to you again, but it is often difficult to think rationally. Just the thought of having to explain what is happening to a companion, or concerned strangers, builds stress and anxiety levels.

The tendency is therefore to avoid public places and social settings like: Christmas parties; family functions; wedding receptions; dance halls; restaurants. Again, the list goes on.

If panic is left untreated, fear of one or two specific public situations could develop into a phobia of simply being outside, no matter what the situation.

Known as agoraphobia, it was generally believed to be a condition that happened in its own right. But it is now thought to be a situation resulting from general anxiety that has been left untreated.

The upshot is that the afflicted person will maintain a state of denial or a belief that he, or she, is alone with this ordeal that is incurable in their minds.

Their way to deal with it is to apply a bandaid solution. They will avoid panic attacks by keeping clear of others and make every effort to keep clear of public places.

The upshot is that stress not only can cause panic attacks, but lead to physical illness.

It is like your body existing in a constant state of high alert. This will affect the immune system and the psychological distress will manifest itself in a tangible sickness.

The ability to handle a multitude of symptoms will be overwhelmed. This leads to more trouble as they rely for relief on drugs, alcohol, over-eating or other compulsive behaviors.

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Author Resource : If you are living in self-denial to evade panic treatment, or omitting to deal with panic disorder , it could end in deeply entrenched panic disorder. Go to www.stoppanic.info for a wealth of self-help tips . Please make contact with a medical if panic attacks are getting out of control. If you have a specific problem area, like driver panic , click here and take action early to stop anxiety growing out of control.