Why Complete Kits are Required in Performing Puja?- By: Lalit Sharma

Description : Every religion teaches the follower about the way of living in life. The path taught by the spiritual leader leads to happiness and mental wellbeing of the individual. The main goal of the devotees is to attain moksha or the free from the birth cycle. This is because the living being born in earth has to suffer a lot during their lifetime. No wealth and material gain can subdue the pain of death, birth and disease in the lifecycle of a human being. So, often the devotees seek the intervention of Almighty to lift their lives from suffering and disease with offering them eternal peace. But the everlasting peace and blissful life can be obtained by leading a good and spiritual life. Hence, people are encouraged and advised by people to follow the life shown by the spiritual leader in the religion.

In Hindu religion, puja is an important part of the spiritual process for the devotees. Numerous rituals are performed during the year to get the blessing of the Almighty. There are numerous religious festivals like Durga puja, kali puja, Saraswati puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Krishna Jayanti, Ram Navami, and many other in the list. Each of the festival is observed with faith, enthusiasm and fervor in the country. People from different part of the regions go to the temple to pray and obtain the blessing of the Lord. During the puja, the priest carries the offering in puja Thali to give to the deity. The devotees sing hymns and invoke the blessing of the deity upon them. Priest chants mantra which vibrates through the temple removing the negative energy from them. This is why people worshipping or singing hymns in the temple receive as sense of satisfaction and peace in their mind.

According to Vedic astrology, the positions of the nine planets in their natal horoscope can affect the life of the individual. The malefic effects from their lives can be removed by conducting good ritual with the help of learned priest. There are numerous rituals performed by the priests according to the problems faced by the people. But ritual should be performed with complete puja kits to achieve grand success and helps in leading a good life. Some of the important kits required in the rituals are incense stick, supari, coconut, abir, roli thika, Maa ki churni, chandan, sandalwood, candles and other offering to please the deity. In this way, people can get the desired blessing from the God.

Praying daily is considered a good practice to promote the spirituality of the devotees. The chanting of mantra and singing of hymns create good energy in the body to perform goods work and avoid any unwanted incident during the day. But it is not possible to go to temple daily due to busy schedule of the people. This is why people are buying God statues in their home to worship the Almighty every day in the morning. It is the kept in the puja Mandir at home. Praying daily brings peace, harmony and wealth to the family member in the house. So, take help of our learned priest and puja service to conduct different ritual according to the problems of the clients.

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