How to Win 1 lakh Rupees from Online Quiz Game?- By: Lalit Sharma

Description : Games give lots of enjoyment and relaxation to the body of the people. It can be used as a strong stress reducing agent by the people after office work. Most of the people play video games which are found online. Many interesting games can be bought from the market by the lover to pass their leisure time and enjoy. But the games should be selected wisely to avoid any harmful effect in the attitude and psychological health of the players. Researchers found that good games produce wonderful results in players during the game. These are punctuality, competitiveness, eye-hand coordination, socialization (multiplayer games), and boost memory. But quiz top the list of the favorite games in the market. It helps people to develop reasoning power and general knowledge which help to compete in competitive exam nicely. So, let us find out how to win attractive price from this game.

Kaun Banega Crorepati is a fabulous game for the quiz lover aired in Sony channel. It is hosted by Megastar Amitabh Bachchan. After the coming of Kbc Indian quiz players have increased exponentially in the market. This is because it is offering crores of rupees to the winner by answering simple questions. Getting inspiration from the game, company is conducting India’s first online quiz game for the interested players. But the player has to register in the website with Rs 1800 to win one lakh rupees from the company. So, play to win 1 lakh rupees from the company after the registration. There are 17 questions in the game which needs to be answered properly to win the money. In each question, candidate is given only 20 seconds time to answer the question correctly. Otherwise, the player will be terminated from the game for failing to answer in time.

Participant gets the liberty of taking help of their friends in answering the questions. But the eligible age for the player to play this game is 18 years. So, it has become a good platform for the people to check the knowledge gain and prepare for grand Kbc. Play Kbc game online to win the attractive price from the company. It can surely enhance the knowledge of the people practicing daily in the website and also getting chance to win handsome price. This is why players from different regions of the country are participating in the game.

The game is divided into three levels and in each level one can quit after completion. In each level, three lifelines can be taken by the participants to help in answering the questions. The time period can be increased to 20 seconds more to give answer correctly. If people failed to answer the hard questions, they will be terminated so, hard question can be evaded. Play game and win by reducing the number of questions in the option to two from four to give right answer. These lifelines are special aid to the player to play the game nicely and helping them to win money. But people should read the rules and regulation of the game before playing in website after registration.

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