Find Out Why Cedar Decking Is Indeed So Popular- By: Percival Ruggles

Description : Cedar decking has been the most obvious recommendation of professional builders and lumber experts, especially when it comes to elegantly extending your outdoor living space. While there are less expensive alternates being offered, largely of engineered plastics, polymer and other composite substances, nothing can match the beauty and magnificence of cedar decking. Even in not so affluent neighbourhoods, the long cedar deck boards and elegant cedar fencing and external sidings add undeniable elegance to buildings that stand out. And without a doubt, the most distinct of all cedar wood is Western Red cedar.

And Western red is what Prestige has chosen to produce it's cedar decking. When you have other choices available, what's so special about it that you should buy Prestige decking? For its superior looks, for one! A deck or a fence made from western red cedar lumber is bound to turn heads for a second look. The beauty of Prestige cedar decking, even in its natural silver-gray unstained form, gives a rare ambiance to outdoor living spaces. And of course, when it comes to buying western red cedar deck boards, length does matter! Compared to Prestige decking, which is made from western red cedar deck boards, lower grade inland red cedar products aren't offered for 18'-20' applications.

While western red cedar is a trendy choice for long length requirements, it also has a natural resistance to decay and insect damage, which makes it perfect for outdoor living use. Prestige western red cedar decking pleases builders because it performs well during outdoor installation! Kiln dried, with an average moisture content of around 19%, Prestige decking is a great fit for outdoor structures exposed to the elements, such as decks, fences and exterior sidings. Builders prefer to buy western red cedar decking made by Prestige because, despite the cruel demands of the elements, they seldom shrink, lie flat when installed, always stay upright and react well to fasteners such as screws and nails very well!

Age seems to improve structures made from Prestige western red cedar. The Western red cedar tree produces natural chemicals, including Thujaplicans and phenolics, that are like antibiotics to decks and fences. As time passes, the production of these chemicals in the trees is enhanced. Due to the lumbar from the western red cedar tree, Prestige decks and fences can survive for decades after they are installed.

The chemicals not only fill the structure and its surrounding with a captivating aroma, but also serves to fight off decay causing fungi and moisture, making sure that the decks and fences age gracefully. And the best part of it is, these products are definitely not very expensive! Globally renowned for their excellence, Prestige decking offers high quality at an extremely reasonable cost. Buy western red cedar decking from Prestige, if it's excellence at an affordable price that you want. It's a choice you will appreciate - even in your golden years!

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