Benefits of 457 Visa for Overseas Skilled Labour in Australia - By: Lalit Sharma

Description : Australian enjoys a higher standard of living, economic prosperity, and peace in comparison to global population. The island country has a huge land mass and natural resource but a small population. The presence of ambient environment, friendly natives and abundant opportunities for a good life attract migrants from different regions of the world.

With the economic development, there is a growing job opportunities in Australia in different sectors. But, the country lacks a skilled workforce to perform all economic activities. Australia depends a lot upon the skilled migration for fulfilling the economic activities. There are several occupations that are consistently included in the skill occupation list and consolidated skill occupation list. The listing shows the genuine demands of skilled workers in the related industry. To address the skill shortage problem, the Australian government has initiated schemes for attracting foreign workers to work in the country.

Organizations looking for international workers need to apply for temporary skilled visa (subclass 457) for the workers in the employment period. There are clear guidelines for recruiting and contracting of skilled overseas workers in the country. There are two ways on which the 457 visa sponsorship in Australia can be gained: standard business sponsorship and labour on-hire sponsorship. In the standard business sponsorship, the employer nominated sponsorship helps in permanent residency but workers need visa sponsorship to change jobs. But, the labour on-hire sponsorship offers flexibility to change jobs without seeking sponsorship but there is no scope for PR. The best 457 agent can guide in acquiring visa based on the category of sponsorship of the hired overseas workers. To be eligible for the visa, the international workers need to have a health insurance with listed dependants. The agents help in getting the 457 visa meeting the entire requirement according to guidelines in Australia.

Australia is known for its world class education system and degree courses recognized globally. There are 38 public universities 3 private universities offering special courses in top disciplines. International students love to continue higher education with a hope to get job in the expanding industry. To fast-track the visa process of the international students based on the opted course, it is essential to hire a migration agent. Now, the government has simplified visa processes reducing visa subclasses to 2 from 8 implementing simplified student visa framework. The Indian migration agent helps overseas students to make their migration process easy and smooth. The migration agent even offer helps to businesses or organizations in delivering the 457 visa for convenient employment of skilled migrant workers.

Overseas workers working in Australia for more than two years with the same sponsoring employer with a 457 visa are eligible for different courses based on the qualification, experiences and needs. To know more about the education opportunities for the skilled migrants, it is essential to consult with an education expert in Australia. Apart from that, the Indian education consultants offer career guidance, insights about the industry and job opportunities to the international students. There are special courses offered by the universities that help in increasing the career prospects in the chosen field, globally. Contact our education expert in Melbourne to get help in migration, visa, and start a career in Australia.

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In the present article, the author talks about education industry. He describes the benefits of the 457 visa for the international students in Australia.