An overview of PTE Academic Tests in India- By: Lalit Sharma

Description : The Pearson’s test of English has a checkered history, which dates back to 1982, when the University of London’s Examination Board introduced this testing system to assess the English language proficiency of students who sought admits into their university. It was then, the need of the hour to assess the communication skill set of a non-native in order to ensure maximum value, both to the student as well as the University. The PTE testing system was put through the rigors of reformation for a number of years to follow. The end result was a perfect testing system! We call it the Pearson’s Test of English (PTE).

Today, the PTE test is the most efficient English testing system in the world. Not only is it designed to assess the student for his or her communication skills, but is also fine-tuned to incorporate communication patterns which are predominant at Universities. It also includes real life social scenarios which are required to ascertain the survival of a student in a new and distant land. This perfect testing system has gained immense impetus, making the PTE a household name for any aspiring international graduate.

The PTE is now available at 150 locations around the world. Having gone full-fledged in 2009, this wide acceptance rate, combined with the endless list of latest Universities welcoming partnerships with PTE, is soon making the Pearson’s test of English most sought after by students the world over. This testing system is accepted by over 3500 universities, primarily in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand. However, less renowned study destinations such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Italy and Greece are soon catching up with this trend. Yes, the PTE is a standardized trend setter!

According to students who have taken PTE exam India, the PTE’s registration is the most user friendly platform in its segment. The test itself is extremely insightful. The PTE is prepared with immense forethought, testing students both linguistically as well as academically. The results for PTE tests are generally available on the 5th day after the test, oftentimes earlier. Computerized testing systems make this possible. It also assists in avoiding the inaccuracy of a biased examiner.

The above features have made the PTE test of English the fastest growing English proficiency test in India. It is smarter, simpler and swifter. The cost of this test is 10900. However, at AECC Global you can buy a PTE voucher and get a discount of 1090. Don’t miss this opportunity to book your seat abroad with the most efficient English testing system.

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The in the present article, the author gives an overview of PTE test of English. He talks about the history and significance of PTE exam and its acceptability in different countries.